My first experience on an airbus!

My first experience on an airbus!

From our Kedarnath trip:

We were lucky enough to have a flight that was also a connector flight for those going abroad. Naturally, we got an airbus. Well, when I heard of the flight number, and came to know that it was an airbus, I wasn’t actually overjoyed. All I knew was that our airlines – Air India – would surely give us refreshments. My uncle said that I would enjoy the experience. But, still I did not expect much. We waited for an hour at the airport.
Then the boarding started at 4:40 PM.
The bus that took us to the aeroplane was extremely unimpressive. It had no air conditioning. Still, the expectation of refreshments on the aeroplane was something that held my attention.
Then we entered the ‘bus’. For the first time I saw a plane with a 2-3-2 seating arrangement. Each seat had an LCD screen behind it. I was overwhelmed at this! I sat and followed the usual procedure…

I tightened my seat belt and took a chewing gum inside my mouth (it prevents the popping of our ears). After the plane took off, I started checking out what Air India offered us – headphones (yes the ones with a soft padding), a touch interactive screen, with several applications, movies, music, games, etc., and, lots of food!

For a short span of time, I continued to read a story on my ebook reader. The food was good. I played with the touchscreen for a while. All in all, I was pretty much occupied the whole flight 😀

It was a nice experience 🙂